Technical Analysis – incl. loss mitigation signals

PrognoD Trend Cockpit is a web-based analysis and optimization tool for strategic and tactical asset allocation control. For this purpose it identifies reversal points on the stock markets and displays them to you as buy- or exit-signals. PrognosD Trend Cockpit can be used as both an investment-navigator to support trading as well as in strategic portfolio management to map complex trading strategies. PrognosD Trend Cockpit is put to use by banks, pension funds and fund managers.

Value retention with our signals

The logic underlying the PrognosD Trend Cockpit signals is based on the idea to let profits run and cut losses early. Thus a stable performance can be achieved even when markets are volatile.

  • Analysis of price data (based on the analysis of J.M. Hurst)

  • Generating medium- and long-term BUY and EXIT signals based on the price performance

  • Early identification of turnaround points at a wide variety of asset classes

prognosd screens

A few clicks to greater efficiency

  • Web-based portal with comprehensive selection of markets

  • Composition and allocation of portfolios

  • Long-term tactical signals

  • Performance monitoring with individual benchmarking

  • Well-arranged overview on all relevant key figures

finatris has developed mathematical models which analyze the most important international financial markets (stock indices, currencies, commodities, bonds) on a daily basis.

This process generates buy- and exit-signals impartially and unemotionally which are forwarded to you via e-mail. PrognosD Trend Cockpit continuously monitors open positions. The long-term forecasting models generate only around 0 to 5 signals per investment instrument and year on average. The tool is hence suitable for large volumes, too.

Prognosd Funktionsweise

Let profits run cut losses

The tactical signals displayed in the PrognosD Trend Cockpit are generated based on cycle analysis. This theory was established by J.M. Hurst in 1965 and advanced by finatris from 2005 to 2008. Cycle analysis helps identifying reversal points in various financial markets early. Drawbacks of classical models based on lagging indicators – trend reversals are displayed very late – are hence reduced significantly.