SentiTrade further confirms: Correction phase of the DAX & Co is not yet over

The DAX recovered was issued by approx. 200 points before resuming the primary downward trend.
Falling prices in China despite extensive intervention, potential interest rate increases in Q4 in the US, as well as new challenges for Europe due to the marked rise in the flow of refugees are pushing the stock markets further downwards.

Have we seen the bottom of it with today’s low of approx. 9700 points?

As far as sentiment is concerned, the all-clear cannot be given yet. Here, we can only repeat what was already written in the last newsletter:

“…A good buying opportunity should emerge as soon as the sentiment bottoms out in the negative area (0.4-0.45%).” Up until then, there is still room.


They should be further on the alert as our technical forecast model in the Trend Cockpit PrognosD should also sound a note of caution and predominantly be into “EXIT”. Both elements in our Trend Cockpit, our technical signals and in addition the live sentiment analysis of financial markets by our partner YUKKA Lab, could once again show their accuracy and therefore, confirm their function as an airbag for your securities account.

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