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SentiTrade now with loss mitigation signals!

Together with our partner YUKKA Lab, sentiment-based signals for selected countries, regions and industries are immediately available in our Trend Cockpit PrognosD under the tab “Sentiment Signals”. The clearly recognisable BUY and EXIT signals are generated here based on the shift in trend of the respective financial market sentiment. Compared over the long-term to “BUY & HOLD”, significantly less volatility can be achieved with equal or better performance.

Test our Trend Cockpit now and benefit from rapid decision-making in terms of maintaining your investment, reducing or increasing your position.

Please find more information on SentiTrade here.


SentiTrade says: 1. Correction base reached for DAX, risk due to volatility not yet averted

In comparison to the latest blog entry on this topic (end of August), the DAX moved with lateral fluctuations. Currently, the market is swinging between 9600 – 9900 points. The first big correction goals since this spring have been reached.

What does our sentiment indicator say?

It is clearly evident that the SentiTrade indicator (powered by our partner YUKKA Lab) has reached a good support level. The low sentiment marked in red of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 is always on the same level. Looked at from this angle, the current DAX level initially look likes an attractive option.


Looking at the long-term picture you can see even more negative sentiment in 2009 and 2011. Due to the current momentum of the downwards movement in sentiment, as well as in the stock market, we expect in the medium-term prices to fall further to under 9000 DAX points; a recovery in the short-term, however, from the current level.

The technical forecast models in the Trend Cockpit PrognosD also support this forecast: all stock market models have stopped for weeks and months on “EXIT”.

Secure your 15-day free test access – the combination of sentiment analysis and technical analysis is the effective support for your investment decisions.


SentiTrade by YUKKA Lab in the customer magazine from comdirekt Bank

Under the caption “Optimism as Risk Indicator”, comdirekt Bank’s customer magazine, “compass”, presented sentiment analysis as a third party analysis capability alongside basic and technical data for investment decisions. Our partner YUKKA Lab is, of course, also presented with SentiTrade. You can read the whole article here:


SentiTrade further confirms: Correction phase of the DAX & Co is not yet over

The DAX recovered was issued by approx. 200 points before resuming the primary downward trend.
Falling prices in China despite extensive intervention, potential interest rate increases in Q4 in the US, as well as new challenges for Europe due to the marked rise in the flow of refugees are pushing the stock markets further downwards.

Have we seen the bottom of it with today’s low of approx. 9700 points?

As far as sentiment is concerned, the all-clear cannot be given yet. Here, we can only repeat what was already written in the last newsletter:

“…A good buying opportunity should emerge as soon as the sentiment bottoms out in the negative area (0.4-0.45%).” Up until then, there is still room.


They should be further on the alert as our technical forecast model in the Trend Cockpit PrognosD should also sound a note of caution and predominantly be into “EXIT”. Both elements in our Trend Cockpit, our technical signals and in addition the live sentiment analysis of financial markets by our partner YUKKA Lab, could once again show their accuracy and therefore, confirm their function as an airbag for your securities account.

Secure your 15-day free test access, the mix of sentiment analysis and technical analysis is the effective support for your investment decisions.


Portfolio Simulator awarded “Banking IT-Innovation Award 2014”

The Portfolio Simulator, one of the two main products of finatris AG, was included in the list of the greatest innovations in the section of FinTech of the Swiss Banking IT-Innovation Awards 2014.

An independent jury of several research institutes has evaluated and awarded the finatris Portfolio Simulator for its degree of innovation, customer orientation and commercial relevance for the German speaking banking market.

Many thanks to the Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen, the University of St.Gallen and the University of Leipzig for this award.



finatris AG cooperates with Yukka GmbH

We are proud to announce our cooperation with YUKKA GmbH, the leading sentiment analyst for financial markets.

“The 3 year old track record has convinced us. The main application SentiTrade, which analyses sentiments automatically in real-time, fits perfectly to our application for the strategic and tactical asset allocation, said Roger Nicolas Balsiger, chairman of the board of directors of finatris.



finatris with a new design

The new coporate design including the new website are finished!

We are looking forward to presenting you finatris in its new appearance.

Of course, we are happy about questions, suggestions and criticism.